After what began years ago as a dream in art school to have her own design firm and to create amazing spaces for amazing all came true  

Founded by professional designer Kimberly Doucette in 2011, Environmental Interiors Design Studio is one of the most respected interior design firms in the area and we can truly say that design is our passion

Our commitment to quality design - true, real, fresh, simple, innovative, creative, responsible design...that's who we are and what we are about.
True love for art and design was the foundation this company was built shapes how we design, why we design, and allows us to create one of a kind interiors as spaces become our canvas...
Our passion for design, coupled with our desire to provide our clients with healthier interiors, more sustainable choices, and wiser use of our natural resources...these are the things that drive us to exceed even our own expectations. That's who we are.